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Good Packaging


Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

This bio-based PET film is partially made from sugarcane. Its physical properties and processing characteristics are equivalent to petroleum-based PET film. Various packaging applications are possible.

Carton with Built-in Shock Absorber

Kyoshin Printing Co., Ltd.

Eisai Machinery Co., Ltd.

To prevent breakage of vials containing expensive products such as oral disintegrant and antitumor agent, the carton has cushioning that can spring ups and downs inside the box to buffer shocks. This cushioning is made of a sheet of carton and can be automatically packaged. The carton has anti-abrasion function.

FRANZIA 750ml PET Bottle

Mercian Corporation

Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

This is a high barrier PET bottle whose appearance is just as a premium wine bottle. SiOx coating was rendered inside the bottle, offering better oxygen barrier than before. It is light weight, thus contributing to CO2 reduction during production and transport. It is recyclable, too.

Stand-up Refill Pouch

Yuwa Co., Ltd.

Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

This is the first time in Japanese industry that sterilization agent of 60% alcohol content less than is packaged in a flexible pouch by using a special lamination technology. This is a durable refill pouch.

Super Six-cell Partition

Kansai Daio paper package Co., Ltd.

A sheet of corrugated cardboard transforms itself into a six-cell partition with a base in a moment. It eliminates the assembly process, which is very cost effective. It won’t be as bulky as a conventional partition during storage.

Sustainable Package for VAIO S Series

Sony Corporation

Dynapac Co., Ltd.

Development concepts are “easy and fun to recycle” and “to reuse naturally and elegantly”. The outer box, cushions, and accessory box are Good Packaging easy to be flattened and user-friendly. The inserted illustration promotes customers to recycle and reuse.

Corrugated Cushioning for Video Camera

(Reduction of material by using diagonal fluting direction)

Sony EMCS Corporation Tokai TEC

Rengo Co., Ltd.

The new layout is such that the most fragile product is placed in the center and less fragile accessories are at the sides, in order to ensure good protection. Flaps of the case enable users to take things out very easily. The sheet layout was turned 45 degrees to save material. Trim loss

decreased as we utilized it for other parts.

« Appropriate Packaging Award


Nestle Japan Ltd.

Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

This is the improved refill package for coffee. Just a single push makes the refill done, which is just the same as before. However, the total package weight has been reduced through reduction of paper and plastic used for the package. Its paper material is FSC certified.


Kao Corporation

Yoshino Kogyosho Co., Ltd.

The pull ring on the opening will never allow the bottle to be resealed and let the contents fully taken out from the bottle. The wide slant nozzle ensures perfect refilling without spilling. It is the first refill bottle for high-priced products.

HAKU melanofocus W

Shiseido Co., Ltd.

Yoshino Kogyosho Co., Ltd.

The new refill bottle is placed inside the HAKU bottle that is the same shape as the existing HAKU. Twist the top 45 degrees, and you can easily take out the inner bottle. The refill bottle is made transparent, allowing users to know the amount of leftover. This is the industry first refill bottle

for high viscous beauty essence, leading to 60% resin reduction.


Pola Chemical Industries, Inc.

The pump can be shared with three different kinds of bottles. Users can choose the most suitable size of the bottle to suit their needs. After using it, they can keep the pump for the next bottle of a different bottle size. The bottle is non-slippery and easy to grip.

Success Scalp Cleaning Brush

Kao Corporation

Details of the content are highly visible and the front board has much information on the effect of the shampoo brush. This is a patent-pending hanging package. The compact package reduced CO2 emissions by 40%. With this package, the number of items that can be displayed at the shelf

becomes doubled.

Laundry Liquid Refill Pouch

P&G Innovation Godo Kaisha

Fujimori Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Titanium oxide was incorporated in between the PE layers to enhance strength of the thin refill pouch as well as whiten the PE layers. Taking advantage of this property, we reduced the number of printing colors and organic solvent at the same time retained high degree of whiteness. It is easy to open with about 35% of tensile strength needed to open the conventional package.

“Packaging material 50% cut” Energy Conservation Package

Toto Ltd.

We designed a box to offer both fixing and cushioning functions without partitions and cushioning materials. The flaps of the box work as fixing and cushioning. It is easy to assemble. Compared to the previous package, we could reduce packaging material by 50% and reduced 221 tons of greenhouse gas per year.

Adhesive-free Toner Package

Kyocera Mita Corporation

This is an adhesive-free and easy-to-open package for toner cartridge. Enclosed box for collecting toner cartridge serves as cushioning. Through total size reduction, we achieved 33% material saving.

« Packaging Idea Award

Liquid Packaging PID (Pouch in Dispenser)

Yushin Co., Ltd.

The spout prevents reflux of oxygen, protecting the liquid against oxidation and deterioration caused by microbial invasion. Consumers can taste the same quality of flavor from when it was freshly made. It also ensures the safety of food.

meiji Yoplait “gurt!”

Meiji Co., Ltd.

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

This innovative tube packaging for yogurt allows consumers to eat without a spoon. Very easy to open with hands. The opening was designed to be R-shaped for the sake of smooth eating. The packaging design gives joy and fun of eating.

Kikkoman 500ml Stand-up pouch with Check Valve

Kikkoman Food Products Company

Asahi Kasei Pax Corporation

Mikasa Industry Co., Ltd.

Oji Paper Co., Ltd.

The valve incorporated into the pouch prevents oxygen ingress and the content will not be exposed to oxidation until the end. The lid enables the package to lie down for storage. One strong point is that the new package doesn’t require any special form-fill-seal machine.

Nature & Co Lip Essence

KOSE Corporation

Our brand concept, all-natural, is revealed in the package. For effective presentation at the store, we made the product shown from outside.Instead of using resin, we used a single material, paper, to create the package. It has a tamper-evident structure.


KOSE cosmeport corp.

Sogo Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd.

We developed a sleeve case that offers highly effective sales promotion at the store. The cut on the bottom makes the perfume bottle immediately set in the case. The structure doesn’t require any side materials. Through multiple printing processes, elegant pink appears on the case. Cost reduction was also achieved.

Assembly Box with Lock Function

Taiyo Industry Ltd.

By applying glue at the four corners in advance, the box can be easily assembled with simple operation. The flap of the box serves as a lock and also serves as a tamper-evident that can indicate the box has been opened during transport.

Sliding Lock/Sliding Open

Nihonshikogyo Co., Ltd.

By sliding the insertion, the box tightly locks. This mechanism prevents the insertion from weakening caused by repetition of opening and closing.The box is both locked and unlocked by simple action.

Hillfs Science Diet Display Carton

Hillfs Pet Nutrition Asia-Pacific, Pte, Ltd.-Japan Branch

Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

The partitions inside the package prevent the contents from leaning to one side. Once the “UD zipper” has been torn off, the goods will be displayed and will never fall off the store shelf. Consumer will not get injured when taking the goods out of the package. The combination of tuck-in-flap and double lock tab keeps it look new.

Easy-to-assemble Corrugated Corner Pads

Sattsuru Plywood Co., Ltd.

Oji Chiyoda Container Co., Ltd.

Corner pads to pack the wooden floor have been improved. The new easy-to-assemble tray eliminates the use of tape, cutting down on the work load, cost and storage space.

Three-dimensional packaging of Panasonic “LUMIX” digital cameras

Panasonic Corporation

Fuji Hoso Shiki Co., Ltd.

This vacuumed formed tray can provide cushioning and protection from every direction for the camera inside. By erecting the hinged edges 90 degrees, the camera will stay put in the center of the tray.


Japan Packaging Institute

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